Friday, September 18, 2009

Zino Zillionnaire Event at the Four Seasons Seattle

Yesterday was a full day of presentations by local companies looking for Angel Investor money for their new enterprises.  A full 28 presentations were made encompassing a broad range of ideas from new Nail Salon concepts to ways to help carpoolers and comuters.  I personally was very excited about the new women's golf clothing line called Grace and Game.  Look for these new looks at   Another reason to go golfing is to wear these cute outfits!

And as always, at these events, I had the opportunity to hear a great keynote speaker as well as meet some interesting people.  Glen Hiemstra, Founder and Owner of had some very intersting comments about where our culture and society are going (think aging population).  

I look forward to seeing how these companies grow, change and manage in the current economic environment we're in. There is no doubt that Seattle is a great place for those who wish to develop and start new companies and ventures.